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Assurance Risque Aggravés - Résilié

In a legal and tax environment French increasingly complex, with French insurance companies having a "Franco-French protectionist" underwriting policy, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to find a decennial insurance solution for companies Foreign market of construction insurance in France.

Looking or want to create a quick and simple binational trading partnership without losing the mastery of the monitoring of the business relationship with your client in France ?

With CROSS COURTAGE, you access immediately to all insurance companies specialized in construction
in France Insurance:
  1. A decennial liability to the construction site in France (No Registration in France)
  2. New and exclusive: annual decennial liability Insurance, without address in France
  3. A decennial liability insurance branch established in France (100% subcontractor to the parent)
  4. A decennial liability insurance subsidiary in France (Structure Registered in the Commercial Register)

  5. Enjoy the expertise and responsiveness of a construction insurance specialist

Our Advantages
  • Of decennial liability solution in 100% of cases
  • Specifications submitted within 10 days
  • Correspondence and documents in English / French / subscription kit in your native language
  • Networks of binational accountants for companies settling in France (Creation of branch or subsidiary)
  • Protocol ratified between your brokerage firm and CROSS COURTAGE (Formalising the partnership agreement - Brokerage Fees / Management Tracking)
  • Become correspondent CROSS Courtage your country

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Cross Courtage, The expert inDecennial Liability Insurance in France.